About Our Site

The Unist’ot’en Camp is an indigenous re-occupation of Wet’suwet’en land in northern BC, Canada. The camp stands serves a checkpoint to keep out industry that has not been given consent to come onto the territory (e.g., workers for the Pacific Trail and Enbridge Northern Gateway pipelines). For more information, check out their website and Facebook page.

This page is run by camp supporters in the Lower Mainland. Please “Like” our Facebook page and share our posts and updates with others!

Want to visit?

The camp hosts have asked us to facilitate visitors getting up to the camp. If you are planning to visit, please sign up here. The link takes you to the new Unist’ot’en Camp website which now includes the registration forms and information for visitors which used to be available only on this site. Please use Unist’ot’en Camp from now on. We are going to stop updating and maintaining these pages now that the new site is “live”.

The Unist’ot’en Solidarity Brigade’s role working with volunteers to visit and support the camp has not changed. We still receive the information provided on the registration form and follow-up with personal contact via email.

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