November at the Camp

Three members of the Unist’ot’en Solidarity Brigade spent a couple of weeks at the Camp in early November. It was great to be able to pitch in to the work of getting the Camp ready for the northern winter. Seems the snow that fell as two of us headed home last Friday has hung around with more following – so our timing was good.

Water pipes to the Healing Centre and Bunkhouse were backfilled to prevent freezing and more importantly we built a small guardhouse at the bridge so people on duty in the cold winter months  have warmth and shelter as they do their shifts. Thankfully one of our group – Judy – is a retired carpenter with the skills to design the structure and lead the construction crew. Thanks to everyone who helped out on this and other projects.

Having the Healing Centre kitchen and hall is a fantastic addition. Not just for cooking and eating meals but as a relaxation space for those increasingly long evenings when darkness brings work to a halt early. Learned how to play Texas Hold’em and tutored others in Crib. A word of warning though for future visitors; don’t play an “x” for a double letter, triple word score or you too may be banned from ever playing Scrabble again anywhere on Wet’sutwet’en territory. lol