Action Camp 2016 Winds Up

Action Camp 2016

This year´s 7th Annual Action Camp was well received by some incredible and compassionate human beings. There were many profound workshops on Indigenous Land Defender Self-Care, Settler Solidarity, Anonymity and Safety in Cyber Space, Green House Design, and much more. A strategic action plan is now in the works to help us counter the misleading multi-Billion dollar propaganda that government, industry, and pro-industry forces employ.

We may be a grassroots led movement but we are formidable and unstoppable. It is people like you who make this possible. If we believe-in and project a message from the onset that, ¨There Will Be NO Pipelines¨ we know without a doubt that we will manifest that statement. There is no soft language in our message. Our conviction is backed up by thousands and thousands of years of ancestral wisdom and power. They stand behind us; they bless us.

Thank you to all of the wonderful people who came to this year´s camp, the organizers from the Unistoten Solidarity Brigade, and to all of the supporters and allies, like you, who are living a life that your children will respect and honour.