Driving Directions

Making the Trip

The camp is located on a forest road 1200 km (740 mi) by road from Vancouver, BC and about 130 km from the town of Smithers. A car can make the trip from Vancouver in about 16 hours including gas and refreshment stops. Most drivers stop in Prince George for the night. We have a number of supporters in PG who offer billeting to travellers. Ask us for info. Also, if you are coming from the USA and will be crossing the border, please ask us for our list of suggestions when we are in touch after you sign up.


From Hwy 16 just west of Houston, the route follows the Morice River. Turn south on the Morice River Forest Service Road (Huckleberry Mine Road) just west of the Finning Equipment facility (look for the big yellow sign). Every kilometer of the forest road is marked. Near the 27 km sign, take a right to stay on the Morice River FSR. Just past the 44 km mark and a narrow bridge, turn right on the Morice West FSR. The camp is another 22 kilometers at the 66 km point from the highway. (Tip: If you are going away from the river, you are going the wrong way.). Please click here to view a map.

Driving on the Logging Road

Please watch out for oncoming logging trucks. Keep headlights on at all times, stay well to the right, honk and yield at blind corners. The camp hosts suggest coming in the evening or on the weekend, or following behind a logging truck or another vehicle with a radio as they know when another truck is coming and pull off to the side. Radios are available for rent at Tower Communications in Houston.

Current Road Conditions

The first 44 kilometers of forest road are generally graded and accessible to two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

In the summer of 2015 the RCMP set up a checkpoint near the turnoff to the Morice River West Rd. They were IDing drivers on and off during this time. The road is currently clear of police but this could change. It is best to make sure that your license and vehicle papers are up to date and all your lights are working. If the RCMP re–establish a checkpoint we will post updated information here. People are generally not required to answer questions at a roadside stop. Stay calm. and don’t talk to police beyond giving them a driver’s license and insurance papers. Also, please note that passengers don’t have to identify themselves to officers if they are not suspected of a crime. Read more here.